• History
  • Willis Electric Company was founded in 1969 by late President and CEO, Peter Chen, and is currently lead by son, Johnny Chen, and daughter, Emily Chen. By focusing on leading edge innovation, efficient order execution and strict quality control, Willis has maintained its leadership in the industry for over 40 years. Willis continues to provide new and revolutionary solutions that appeal to all segments of the consumer base.
  • Willis has registered more than 40 family of U.S. patents. Willis has secured US patents on IC Designs, 3D Sculptures, Connectors, Tree construction and Premium Lights construction. In 2011 alone, Willis’s One Plug Tree has 16 Design and Utility Patents pending. These are all crucial patents that are driving the industry innovation.
  • In 1993, Willis’s wire factory began to manufacture wire for Christmas lights. In 1994, Willis worked jointly with Sumitomo Wiring Group from Japan to upgrade its technology and machines to manufacture wire for Office Appliance use. Currently, the wire facility contributes 1/3 of the corporation’s sales volume.
  • In 2004, Willis expanded its facility and began to manufacture pre-lit trees. Willis Pre-Lit Tree is now the fastest growing category for Willis with various beautiful tree styles, reliable lights, user friendly inventions and competitive pricings.
  • In addition, Willis initiated the design and development of plastic products such as Easter eggs and bird feeders.
  • In 2010, Willis has acquired a plug company and lunched to start its line of Extension Cords with UL listing and testing equipment ready.
  • The company takes pride in constantly improving its facilities with new machines and new “Know How’s”.
  • Willis will continue to deliver and surpass its promise to its customers and partners: deliver practical, trend-forward products and provide consumer solutions at competitive costs through creativity and ever going product innovation.
  • We set up a new factory for Christmas trees, lights, and outdoor decor/yard decor in southeast Asia since 2017. It's located in Bavet, Cambodia.
  • Strengths
  • Quality Control:
    Being vertically integrated from wire and plastic injection to bulbs and IC controllers, Willis has total control through every phase of product manufacturing.
  • In-House Testing:
    Willis is capable of performing each of the required 30 UL tests in its own state of the art testing facility.
  • Storage Capacity:
    Ability to store 1,200 containers of product in its finished product warehouse.
  • Production Capacity:
    2 million square feet of factory and office space in China.
  • Precise Order Execution:
    With a production capacity exceeding 9 million light sets per month combined with its detailed forecasting methods, Willis is capable of following shipment schedule during peek periods.
  • Technologically Advanced:
    First lighting company to use SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning software, which allows us to control inventory precisely. We are EDI capable.
  • Safety:
    Has received worldwide certification: UL, CSA, GS, CE, BS, T-Mark, and ETL are just a sampling.
    Leader in UL Applications: First company to secure UL certification (1976) and the first to gain certification.
  • GSP & Tariff:
    It's possible to provide GSP certificate and save the tariff when importing to the U.S. if production is done in our Cambodia factory.
  • US Patents
  • Willis Electric leads the decorative lighting and pre-lit tree industries in developing innovative products for
    sale to consumers and retailers throughout the world.
    Some of our many patents are listed below, including:

    Pre-Lit Tree and Lighting Technology
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    Other Patents Pending
  • Wiring Technology
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  • Other Lighted and Non-Lighted Artificial Tree Technology
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    Other Patents Pending
  • Outdoor and Sculpture Technology
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    Other Patents Pending
  • Projector Technology
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  • Micro-Light LED Technology
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  • Awards
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